(Advanced Positioning Orthotic Device)

The Engage APOD® provides advanced positioning support and skin protection for people who are unable to independently maintain an upright seated position in their wheelchair by combining the structure of orthotics with principles of wheelchair seating.

The Engage APOD® biomechanically aligns the hips and pelvis to address the etiology of medium to severe wheelchair positioning abnormalities to reduce restraints, falls, pressure injuries, aspiration, pain, and re-hospitalizations. Upright and midline positioning is maintained to engage the user both physically and psycho-socially to improve safety, comfort, and dignity. 

Addresses the Etiology of Common Positioning Abnormalities
  • Sacral Sitting/Sliding
  • Pelvic Thrusting
  • Lateral Leaning
  • Forward Leaning
  • Extensor Tone/Flaccid Tone
  • Contractures
  • Low Sitting Tolerance
  • Hip Asymmetries

The PostureWorks Engage
provides us with a whole new
avenue for positioning that we didn’t
have before. We have used it with our
most difficult positioning residents and they
are all sitting beautifully. It is putting their
entire body into alignment, and we are seeing
carryover in their ability to eat, reducing the
risk of aspiration.
Ruth Donovan, OTR/L

Canton, MA

Product Features
Base Anthropometrically designed rigid base creates a secure pre-ischial shelf to stabilize the pelvis. Weight is redistributed over a larger surface area to reduce pressure over ischial tuberosities, coccyx, and sacrum
Anterior Bolsters Anterior height varies from 3-5.5 inches
The anterior bolster height encourages the desired degree of hip flexion to minimize sliding forward
Medical-Grade Foam Medical-grade visco and high-density foams are shaped to create a pelvic well posteriorly to promote a neutral pelvis and upright midline position, while still allowing for sage, functional transfers
Cover Technology Premium, medical-grade, Dartex fabric is engineered specifically for infection control. It is anti-microbial and impenetrable to fluids; ultrasonically welded seams protect core; 4-way stretch properties manage pressure and reduce shear forces; Non-skid bottom
Color-Coded Straps Color-coded straps secure the cushion in place and serve as a visual cue to indicate cushion intervention level for caregivers

Black strap signifies low risk
Yellow strap signifies medium risk
Red strap signifies high risk
Identification Tags ID tags help keep cushions with users
Latex Free
Product Warranty Engage APOD® cushions are warrantied to be free of manufacturing and material defects for a period of 18 months. Covers have a 90 day warranty. Normal wear or damage due to abuse, misuse, or neglect is not covered under warranty.
Made in the USA

Common Diagnoses Associated with Positioning Abnormalities
  • Stroke (or other CVA)
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Aging
  • Braden ≤ 14
  • Norton Plus ≥ 18
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Huntington’s Chorea
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Degenerative Neuro-Muscular Conditions


Engage APOD Treats the Underlying Cause of Common Survey TAGs in SNFs

Pressure Injuries
Ensure resident does not develop pressure injury unless clinically unavoidable; Engage APOD is a particularly effective seating intervention when the etiology of the wound is a positional abnormality. The Engage APOD® has been used in the care plans of patients with pressure injuries. If your patient has a pressure injury, or a history of pressure injuries, please click here for support to review considerations for proper fit and function of this seating intervention.  
Resident environment remains as free of accident/falls as possible; resident receives supervision and assistance devices to prevent accidents. The Engage APOD is used to address and correct positioning abnormalities that cause falls. Click here for support.
Unnecessary Drugs

Psychotropic Drugs
Ensure that pain management is provided consistent with professional standards of practice, care plan, and the resident’s goals and preferences.  The Engage APOD has been used in care plans to treat the underlying cause of pain and mitigates further use of pain medications; this dovetails with Tag F757 (unnecessary drugs) and Tag F758 (psychotropic drugs).
Resident’s right to be free from physical restraints. The Engage APOD is an intervention that is often used to remove restraints by addressing the etiology of the need for the restraint
Quality of Life
The Engage APOD creates a stable, comfortable platform for living. Proximal stability enhances distal mobility to enhance a resident’s ability to perform ADLs.



(*)Contractures can be due to tonal patterns or to collagen build-up and adhesions. A low load, long-duration stretch with APOD may be possible to increase ROM. Click the chat icon in the bottom right for clinical support, or click here to contact us.


  • Ensure feet are fully loaded; add footrests or adjust height of the wheelchair
  • Designed to be used in a sling seat chair, not a solid seat 
  • Use anti-tippers
  • Adjust wheelchair height if needed
  • Consider using highback reclining wheelchair to accommodate back contours, rigid posturing and excessive weakness
  • Consider using a Space Saver Back Support to further support the pelvic and lower lumbar regions
  • Designed to be used in a sling seat chair, not a solid seat


Engage APOD® Product Specifications
Cushion Width 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″
Cushion Depth 16″, 18″
Cushion Height
Low Profile: 3″
Medium Profile: 5″
High Profile: 5.5″
Cushion Height
Low Profile: 2″
Medium Profile: 2″
High Profile: 2″
Note: The posterior height of the cushion will vary depending on the user’s anatomy and how much the wheelchair seat is hammocked posteriorly.
Cushion Weight
(Standard Size 18″x16″)
Low Profile: 3 lbs, 5 oz
Medium Profile: 4 lbs, 3 oz
High Profile: 4 lbs, 5 oz
Weight Guideline
(Standard Size 18″x16″)
250 lbs
Latex Free
Product Warranty Engage APOD® cushions are warrantied to be free of manufacturing and material defects for a period of 18 months. Covers have a 90 day warranty. Normal wear or damage due to abuse, misuse, or neglect is not covered under warranty.
Made in the USA

All PostureWorks products are designed for infection control. The medical-grade cover has ultrasonically welded seams and an anti-microbial coating to create a barrier to fluids.  

Spray and wipe clean with a standard disinfectant. The cover is non-removable so it will not get lost in the wash!

Click Here for Manufacturer’s Instructions


Considerations When Selecting a Wheelchair Cushion
  • The clinical and functional objectives of the User are of primary importance when selecting a wheelchair cushion. User needs to be considered include, but are not limited to: skin health, positioning needs, mobility, transfer status, ADLs, bladder control, and cognitive status.  
  • The cushion dimensions should match the wheelchair seat width (side-to-side) & depth (front to back) in order to ensure proper function.
  • Follow cushion weight guidelines to ensure the product provides appropriate support, protection, and comfort.
  • The cushion height should be considered along with its impact on:
    • Seat-to-floor height, especially for people who propel their wheelchair with their feet
    • User’s position relative to armrests 
    • User’s position relative to footrests
    • User’s position relative to wheelchair back


Considerations for Maintaining a Wheelchair Cushion
  • Periodic inspection of wheelchair cushions for wear is recommended. Replace when needed.


Effective wheelchair seating interventions improve safety and comfort, as well as help people engage the world in a healthy, dignified, and meaningful manner.

If you have questions or would like further assistance please contact The PostureWorks. 

Our team of therapists will be standing by ready to assist you!

As a part of our ongoing product improvement processes, The PostureWorks reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. Actual user evaluations, and decisions regarding the appropriateness of a particular product for a particular individual, should always be made by a qualified healthcare professional.