Camelia Gardens of Life Care, Thomasville, GA

Shelbey Wise, OTR/L
Shelby Collins, COTA

Patient: 87 Year Old Male, LTC Resident, 6 foot 3 in and 174 lbs

Primary Diagnosis: Alzheimer’s Disease, Syncope, Weakness, Impaired
Coordination, HTN, CPOD.

Existing Wheelchair Seating: Patient seated in high back, reclining sling seat
wheelchair with standard foam cushion.

Positioning / Clinical Issues: Patient was in sacral sitting and sliding with (5)
falls from wheelchair over a 2 month period. Pt appeared to be in pain and was
repeatedly attempting to stand from his chair.
PostureWorks Intervention: Engage APOD (Advanced Positioning Orthotic
Device), High Profile

Outcome: Pt is now able to sit in an upright and midline trunk position after the
Engage APOD intervention was put in place. The pt stopped attempting to stand
from his chair and appeared comfortable and content. The Engage APOD
corrected the underlying pelvic obliquities which may have been the cause of his
pain, as well as his repeated attempts to stand that caused him to fall. The pt had
no further falls after the intervention of the Engage APOD .

Quality Outcome Measures Impacted by Intervention: QOL, Falls, Pain

Feedback from Therapist: “The Engage APOD prevented my patient from
falling and improved his QOL as he is no longer in pain.”

Note: This is a representative example; actual user evaluations, and decisions regarding
the appropriateness of a particular product for a particular individual, should always be made by a
qualified healthcare professional.