Reducing Pain and Increasing Sitting Tolerance

80 Bed Skilled Nursing Facility, Maine

Patient: Female, 79 y/o

Primary Diagnosis: OA, Chronic Pain

Existing Wheelchair Seating: Standard sling seat wheelchair with custom back,
foam cushion

Positioning / clinical Concern: 8-9/10 pain reported in lower back and hips.
Secondary to pain the pt was unable to tolerate sitting up for longer than 2 hours
at a time. She would often decline to get out of bed for meals. She significantly
limited her participation of leisure activities and refused all out of facility trips
which were a preferred activity prior to her pain.

PostureWorks Intervention: Matrix Medium Profile cushion and Position Pro
Insert 20” wide by 18” deep

Outcome: Pain has significantly decreased to 3/10. Her sitting tolerance has
increased to 6 hours. She is now able to resume leisure activities including trips
out of the facility.

Quality Outcome Measures Impacted by Intervention: Pain, Quality of Life


Feedback from treating therapist: “She loves her Matrix Medium Profile
cushion; she is back to participating in all of her activities with significantly less


Note: This is a representative example; actual user evaluations, and decisions regarding the
appropriateness of a particular product for a particular individual, should always be made by a
qualified healthcare professional.