The Position Pro is a rigid support base insert that improves positioning by taking the hammock out of sling seats.  It is designed for use with the Matrix Skin Protection cushion and the Silver Care Basic General Use cushion to actively promote stable, symmetrical wheelchair positioning for people who cannot maintain this on their own.

Support Base Insert that Improves Positioning and Protects Skin
Improves Positioning
  • Takes hammock out of sling seat
  • Promotes a neutral pelvis
  • Helps take user out of internal rotation
  • Helps take user out of adduction
  • Discourages sacral sitting and sliding
  • Maintains low seat to floor height
Protects Skin Redistributes pressure by 25-40% when used with the Matrix and Silver Care Basic cushions
Improves Comfort Increases stability and sitting tolerance

I really like the Matrix
cushion with the Position
Pro Insert. I believe this was
especially helpful for my patient with
bilateral above-knee amputations as he
is at less risk for skin breakdown at his
incision site, and it resulted in increased
independence with functional

Julie Applewhite, PT,DPT
Durham, NC

Insert Lightweight, multi-layered resin construction provides a strong and stable support base

A large pre-ischial shelf takes the hammock out of the sling seat to decrease internal rotation and adduction

Pelvic cutout encourages a neutral pelvis and redistributes pressure through the femurs and away from bony prominences

Redistributes pressure by 25-40%

Infection Control Resistant to bacteria and fungus; Spray and wipe clean
Warranty 2 years 
Latex Free
Made in the USA


Proper Positioning and Pressure Reduction:

Redistributes pressure by promoting symmetrical hip positioning and neutral pelvic positioning. Position Pro APODs typically reduce maximum and average pressure by 25 – 40%.

Cushion A
Cushion A
Max Pressure: 51.12 mm Hg
Max Pressure 51.12mm Hg
Cushion B
Cushion B
Max Pressure: 63.90 mm Hg
Max Pressure 63.90mm Hg
Cushion A With Position Pro Insert
Cushion A With Position Pro Insert
Max Pressure: 32.60 mm Hg Pressure Reduction: 36%
Max Pressure 32.60mm Hg
Cushion B with Position Pro Insert
Cushion B with Position Pro Insert
Max Pressure: 33.08 mm Hg Pressure Reduction: 48%
Max Pressure 33.08mm Hg

As a part of our ongoing product improvement processes, The PostureWorks reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. Actual user evaluations, and decisions regarding the appropriateness of a particular product for a particular individual, should always be made by a qualified healthcare professional.