Want to Decrease Re-Hospitalizations? ROTM Seating!

Want to decrease rehospitalizations?  Let The PostureWorks help reduce bounce backs due to pneumonia, wounds, and falls – all of which are often related to seating and positioning issues!

Reduce Aspiration Risk

This Swallowing Case Study reviews a patient with oral dysphagia who could only consume 25% of his meals and had a 9% weight loss.  He was in sacral sitting and sliding with
forward head posture and a lateral lean that impacted his ability to swallow safely.  TheEngage APOD Medium Profile intervention enabled the SLP to address swallowing via positioning and thus decrease the risk of aspiration and hospitalization. 

Reduce & Heal Wounds

Wounds are another common cause for hospitalization.

ThisStage 4 Case Study outlines how the Matrix Medium Profile intervention helped heal a wound and manage pain.


Reduce Falls

Repeated falls increase the risk of injury and re-hospitalization. This Falls Case Study follows a pt who had 10 repeated falls until the Engage APOD intervention was utilized in his wheelchair.  The pt stopped falling and had an increase in sitting tolerance and QOL.


Seating and positioning can have a direct impact on re-hospitalizations and should not be overlooked. The PostureWorks would love to collaborate with you and your team to help decrease bounce backs and re-hospitalizations.

Please call 866-860-5200 or email info@thepostureworks.com if we can support you and your team with seating and positioning.

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