Wheelchair Seating Case Study: Positioning (Late Effects CVA with hemiparesis)

Berkley Manor Care Center
Denver, CO

Treating clinician:  Michelle Kocher, OTR/L, ADOR

Patient: Female, 61 years old

Primary Diagnosis: Late Effects CVA with L side hemiparesis

Existing Wheelchair Seating: Standard comfort cushion, L UE trough, R UE extended
arm rest, B LE ELRs with calf support board, seat cushion to low back; manual high back
wc seating system

Positioning/Clinical Issues:
The patient presents with hips sliding forward in chair reporting discomfort at sacrum from
current poor positioning and placing pt at rick for fall out of wc and increased pain.

Intervention:   Engage Series II APOD – High Profile

Outcome / Efficacy of Treatment:
With implementation of the PostureWorks Engage cushion, the patient demonstrated improved
sacral pressure relief. The anti-thrust allowed pt to increase upright postural alignment with
increased anterior pelvic tilt while seated up in manual high back wc for extended periods of
time thus reducing the pt risk for fall, skin breakdown, and pain.

Patient’s perspective:
“This feels a lot better. – Patient

Caregiver’s perspective:
“The PostureWorks cushion made an immediate difference in helping the patient sit upright
in the wheelchair” – Michelle Kocher, OTR/L, ADOR

Note: This is a representative example; actual user evaluations, and decisions regarding the
appropriateness of a particular product for a particular individual, should always be made by a
qualified healthcare professional.

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